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To walk in the door of the Buddha-Bar Monte-Carlo is to take a trip to faraway Asia. The warm colours, a colossal Buddha statue, a 7-metre-high ceiling, different kinds of wood, sculptures, cornices, stucco and gilding… a breathtaking decor awaits you in a lounge ambience. The resident DJ overlooks the Lounge Bar will distill for your event, minimalist musical fragrance, a subtle blend of lounge, chill out and world music.


China, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, and more – chef Éric Guillemaud’s cuisine brings together a variety of Asian flavors, which he combines with the sweetness, delicacy, creativity, and know-how of French cooking to offer menus and buffets that are as surprising as they are delicious. Your event is bound to charm each and every one of your guests, offering them an exceptional sensory culinary journey.


Buddha Bar Monte-Carlo
Buddha Bar Monte-Carlo
Buddha Bar Monte-Carlo

Buddha Bar Monte-Carlo


  • Surface (sq. m): 475
  • Max. Capacity Cocktail: 400
  • Terrace: No
  • Max. capacity lunch/dinner *: 226
  • Disabled access: Yes
  • Music : 2am

* Set-up : round tables, without buffet table and dance floor

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